WUFC College Pathway Program

Our Difference

Westchester United F.C. challenges the status quo and focuses on real player development triggered at improving our players ability on the soccer field but also providing them with opportunities to play in college. 

At WUFC we don't focus on playing in the "popular" college showcases but rather the showcases where we feel our players will have the best opportunity to be noticed and recruited. 

Having placed close to 20 players in collegiate programs in ONLY 2 Graduating classes we stick to a program that is honest, concise and to the point.  

Education – This is the most important tool to obtaining opportunities to improve a players chance at  playing in college. During the Winter Months we provide complimentary College Info Sessions to provide players with an outline and guidelines to follow on how to play at the college level. 

Showcases/Tournaments – For Westchester United F.C. it is not about playing in the most "popular" tournaments rather choosing tournaments where college coaches fit the needs of our players. This approach guarantees that are players will be seen and noticed rather than playing just to play in a college showcase. 

Profiles/Network - Our Coaches and Director are the point of contact for all College Coaches. We use our network to send our player profiles to coaches or respond to coaches that reach out to us for specific players and roles. You will never see a parent handing a flyer to a College Coach at WUFC. 


Class of 2017 

Shane Hennessey - Herkimer College

Jeffrey Discua - College of New Rochelle 

Ariel Enamorado - College of New Rochelle 

Darion Arango - SUNY Delhi 

Joshua Quinde - Felician University (currently playing in German 4th Division)

Eduardo Vittorio - Lehman College

Juan Tenesaca - SUNY Westchester CC

Patrick Rafferty - Club, Sacred Heart University 

Berk Badoglu - Club, Pace University 

Class of 2018 

Christian Aurund - Albright College

Devonte Dawson - SUNY Delhi

Ryan Mathis - SUNY Maritime

Matthew Maja - Hunter College

Roger McFadden - College of New Rochelle 

Ariel Flores - Monroe College 

Jose Ocampo - Monroe College 

Gabriel De Jesus  - Monroe College 

Class of 2019 - Current Commits 

Gustavo De Souza - SUNY Purchase 

Xavier Cruzata - Manhattanville College 

Johaan Barajas - SUNY Poly 

Mouhammed Dia - Five Towns College

Noah Kemp - Trinity International University

Roy Oseguera - SUNY Purchase 

Jonathan Walch - SUNY Delhi